I just came across this post from Bridal Musings that I am sure that all brides-to-be will find useful.

Just remember us here at Occasionally Gifted when it comes time to choose your florist for your Wedding Day.

To assist you in making your Wedding a memorable one, Occasionally Gifted is pleased to provide you with a free Floral Design Consultation. To also assist you in your wedding planning we can offer a large selection of wedding bouquets to choose from. We proudly offer designs by Vera Wang to our all inclusive Wedding Packages for the budget conscious.


Top Tips On Wedding Timings By A Wedding Planner

<!– Elizabeth | | 4 Comments–> wedding day timings

Time for some more wedding planning tips from top London wedding planner Andri of Always Andri Wedding Design. It’s her penultimate post here on Bridal Musings – she’s taken us all the way from those few first steps as a newly engaged couple to finding the perfect venue and sourcing awesome vendors. She’s even shared […]

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