“Tales2Go”………….. A great Gift at a Great Price

I came across this post on CNet and I am sure that it will appeal to everyone who likes a good read. The price is absolutely right and fits with our Holiday theme of  “creative gifting”. If you are looking for a special gift for a friend colleague or family member why not look at how “creative we can be. Visit us at Occasionally Gifted  or you can try our new OG Flower Market

I’m a longtime fan of Tales2Go, the  iOS app that provides unlimited children’s audiobooks for a flat monthly  rate.

Tales2Go  – Happy Holidays bundles 20 seasonal audiobooks into one app, with no  subscription required. Instead, you pay just 99 cents. That’s a great deal any  way you slice it, and an outright steal for parents and schoolteachers  alike.

The collection includes short stories, full-length books, and even a familiar  poem or two. Here’s a sampling:

  • Two versions of “A Christmas Carol”
  • “Clifford’s Christmas”
  • “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
  • “The Gift of the Magi”
  • “The Night Before Christmas”
  • “The Story of Hanukkah”

All told, the app delivers more than 30 hours’ worth of audiobook goodness.  And because there’s no subscription requirement, you get lifetime access to  these stories.

Like the original Tales2Go app, Happy Holidays relies on streaming–something  to consider if you’re on a limited data plan. That said, if you start listening  to a story via a Wi-Fi connection, the app will quickly download the entire  thing to youriPhone,iPod,  oriPad, and  keep it cached there until you’re done listening.

That means you can get into a car or on an airplane without having to worry  about an available Internet connection. Alas, the app can cache only one  audiobook at a time. In an ideal world, it would store all of them on your  device.

Tales2Go is coming soon for Android and desktops, and there are plans for  additional “themed” bundles down the road. In the meantime, this is perhaps the  best 99 cents you can spend on your kids this holiday season.

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