Hi and Welcome

We are Occasionally Gifted and this is our first attempt at writing a blog. We are an Internet based gift, gift basket and flower business. When we discussed the idea of creating this blog one of our objectives was to make sure that we did not turn this into one long commercial for our business but what could we possibly have to say that would be of interest to anyone?

In trying to answer that question I came across this twitter bio from M A Caruso, “I’ve learned I don’t know anything. Have also learned that people will pay for what I know.  Life is good.”

Well that just works for me. Since we are not looking to make money at this we are hopeing that our observations, anecdotes and reflections on the wins and learning we have experienced while building our business will provide an opportunity to dialogue with our clients, to share experiences with other small business entrepreneurs and to indulge some personal fantasies on writing. What a payback this could be!!

Join us anytime. Make suggestions. Share your observations, likes and dislikes. The act of sharing will provide the value.


2 responses to “Hi and Welcome

  1. Hello: I find my ability to SELL anything is directly proportionate to my customer support. Actually people hate to be sold , but they love to buy.
    In our business, we just let people choose, from what is available, and we back what we sell 100% , but I am always there to offer guidance in finding exactly what you are looking for. Finding new customers is the hard part, keeping a customer is much easier,its all in the relationship,built with added feature of trust. Thanks for letting me add my two cents worth. ED Downey

  2. A great formula for business success. Thanks for sharing.

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